Briarwood is the birthplace and home of Caroline Dormon, a world renowned naturalist, author, artist and the first woman to be hired in the United States Forest Service. 

The Caroline Dormon Nature Preserve carries on the work started by Miss Dormon by preserving wildflowers native to the south and educating the public on how natural forest ecosystems work.  A mecca for high school and college students studying horticulture, Briarwood provides a complete ecosystem for them to study.  

Today, people from all over the world come to Briarwood to walk down forest trails, to savor the beauty of the Louisiana iris bog, to admire the ancient longleaf pine, "Grandpappy" and enjoy the most complete botanical and wildlife sanctuary in Louisiana.

PLEASE NOTE: The preserve is temporarily closed while we restore trails and buildings damaged during an EF-1 tornado that struck on May 8th of this year.  We hope to have the preserve back in full operation in the near future.  

If you would like to volunteer with cleanup operations please call the preserve at (318) 576-3379.

For more information contact Richard Johnson.

​Office Number: 318-576-3379

Briarwood Nature Preserve National Historic Place