Adventures in Wild Flowers

"This work is a collect of 50 of the articles first published in botanical and gardening magazines, ...."

This book, taken from the writings of Caroline Dormon gives the reader great insight into successful gardening in the South as well as a sense of who Caroline Dormon was, "a prolific writer, multi-media artist, accomplished botanist, noteworthy archaeologist, and esteemed forester and a tireless conservationist.


Gift of the Wild Things

A great historical book about the life of Caroline Dormon and her accomplishments.

"this work is introductory rather than comprehensive.  An effort has been made, insofar as is possible, to present the life of Dormon through her own words."

$20.00 (hardcover)

$15.00 (softcover)

Flowers Native to the Deep South

"Since childhood, she has also experimented with growing wild flowers, and here tells which species can be successfully cultivated in gardens and which should be left and rigidly protected in the wild."


Southern Indian Boy

"she has visited a number of living Indians, and sat at the feet of "the Old Ones", and listened to their stories."

From these experiences comes the book Southern Indian Boy, two short stories which are a great for child and adult alike.


Briarwood Nature Preserve National Historic Place

The latest in our line of Caroline Dormon wildflower art coffee mugs.  Mugs sell for $6.00 each or a set of four for $20.00.

Package of 8 assorted note cards with flower art by Caroline Dormon on the front, blank inside.


Bird Talk

"Over a period of years, these sketches originally appreared as monthly articles in the Sunday Magazine of the Shreveport Times." This book is about the birds she observed throughout her life, a wonderful book for any bird lover.